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Tour Code : INC 09 Private Istanbul (2) Canakkale (1) Izmir (1) Pamukkale (1) Antalya (2) Nights

Day 1 - Istanbul (-,L,D)

Arrival at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Transfer to old city to discover the sights of the city's glamorous past : Church of St.Sophia - a dedication to Christianity is one of the largest heavenly constructions with its striking mosaics and frescoes. The Blue Mosque - daylight penetrating through stained-glass windows on the traditional blue tiles with various natural patterns creates a harmony of color and soothing sense of inner peace. Hippodrome - the site of horse races, sporting events, political meetings, festivities, now bears some of the landmarks of ancient civilizations.


Day 2 - Istanbul (B,L,D)

Take an unforgettable boat trip along the Bosphorus viewing the natural beauties, old traditional wooden mansions and modern buildings while having your tea or coffee on board. In the afternoon, visit Topkapi Palace - the centuries old residence of the mighty Ottomans, houses of the imperial treasury, holy relics, kitchen utensils and royal garments. The tour will end by visiting Grand Bazaar, last minute shopping facilities – the largest bazaar in the world, contains four thousand for hundred shops under one roof, labyrinth-like alleys, mysterious cul-desacs which make the bazaar an indispensable part.


Day 3 - Çanakkale (B,L,D)

Leave from Istanbul to Canakkale "Pottery Castle" on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. Call at the World War I battle fields and allied cemeteries on the Gallipoli peninsula. In the afternoon proceed to visit the tangible remnants of ancient Troy the legendary archaeological site, portrayed in Homer's Iliad.


Day 4 - Izmir (B,L,D)

Before heading for Izmir, visit the city of the kings of Pergamon. It was a notable cultural and medical center in the ancient world. The fabulous Acropolis with its Temple of Athena, Altar of Zeus, Temple of Dionysos, Library, Agora, Theatre and Roman Baths is a pleasure to see. Visit the Asclepium, great medical center, devoted to Asclepius, the son of Apollo. Finally visit Red Basilica, originally built as a temple devoted to the Egyptian Gods and later converted into a basilica by the Byzantine.


Day 5 - Pamukkale (B,L,D)

Before heading for Pamukkale, drive to the heart of Ionian civilization Ionian civilization, Ephesus, the largest and best preserved ancient city of th Mediterranean. Visit the Library of Celsus, Temple of Hadrian, Odeon, Baths of Scholastica and Theatre. Later visit the Basilica of St.John who wrote his Gospel here and gave a sermon to the pagan Ephesians. Continue the tour by visiting the House of Virgin Mary. Drive to South to visit the remains of ancient Hierapolis named after the goddess Hiera, with its Theatre, its Temple of Apollo and the Necropolis.


Day 6 - Antalya (B,L,D)

Visit the remains of ancient Hierapolis named after the goddess Hiera, with its Theatre, its Temple of Apollo and the Necropolis. Drive to Antalya, Turkish riviera. Experience an enjoyable drive through pleasent lakes and mountains.


Day 7 - Antalya (B,L,D)

A full day is dedicated to discovering the important highlights of ancient Pamphylia "the land of tribes". Perge founded around 1000 BC, was one of the great Pamphylian trading cities. Visiting the theatre, stadium, Hellenistic Gate, Colonnaded Street, Acropolis, Byzantine Basilica, Agora and the Roman baths. Aspendos built in the second century, is the best preserved monument in Asia Minor and is still used for the staging of events today. Manavgat Waterfall - a scenic corner of the region. Take a rest, drink Turksih coffee or tea while viewing the waters of the river.


Day 8 - Departure (B,-,-)

After breakfast, free time till return transferred to the airport for homebound flight